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x mas party I

Hello All,

We had a great time during the party. We had fried noodle and lime juice and of course the great music. Many of them had more than 2 bowls of noodle and drank more than 2 bottles of lime juice. It was bigger than last year’s xmas party. And, the hot song for this year’s party is Gangnum Style. I had to replay it more than 10times. Thanet and Rasy organized games such „chair dance“ and „balloon blowing“. It was fun, though. The party ended early around 8pm, meanwhile the students wanted to stay out late. We could not let them continue since their parents were worried about them.

Furthermore, most of adopted children attended the party except Sim Sa, Lai Eng and Sophark. Sim Sa was visiting his parents and he bought two white shirts for them plus a pair of shoes for his little brother. Lai Eng was working since she had already quitted school. As for Sophark, he couldn’t come since he had to help his father harvest rice, but his sister Sophen came to replace him. Sean Chay and Savong both came late because they both worked as rice reapers. Sean Chay’s father is better now. He can work as normal but he can’t use too much force. Savong, Sophanith and Srey Roth are in need for new bicycles since theirs are too old already.

Anyway, we have two weddings coming up this year. That’s Rasy’s wedding and Thanet’s wedding. Rasy’s wedding is on the 28th of Jan this month which is 6 weeks earlier than Thanet’s. It’ll be a big day for them both. I’m now wondering what kind of gifts I should properly give them, but in our tradition the most common gift is „red envelope“ which contains money in it. It seems that everyone is expecting that day to come.

I wish you all the best for this new year.

Best of luck,

Cha Cha,




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