Post from Cambodia


Hello All,

These are the pictures of the award ceremony for year 2013 held on Oct 1st and some other pictures of the floodwater invading my village a few days after the award winning ceremony. The water hasn’t gone back yet. I hope I can re-open my school next week. I assume you may have known about the flood situations in Cambodia and Thailand. Nonetheless, it’s getting better now.

The award ceremony was very memorable. 18 of my students again won the prizes. I think you may recognize some faces in the photos. However, some students are not in the pictures since I was not allowed to stay close to the guest platform. The students have grown a lot this year. Actually, I wanted to arrange a party for them and gave them some money prizes during the event but unluckily the flood invaded the school so suddenly that I have to arrange it later.

I hope all of you are doing well. Everybody says hello to you from Cambodia.