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Xmas party

We celebrated Xmas 10days ago. It was wonderful. Each adopted children received $40 ($20 extra for Xmas gift). Srey Roth, Socheat and Srey Nat(Somnang’s older sister) passed high school exam since September. Srey Roth and Srey Nat were enrolled in Vanda Accounting College early this month and I sponsor them. Each was given $200 to pay their half-year tuition fee. Sokhom finished his university this year but he furthered his education to the teacher training college in Battambang so he has another year to go before being a teacher for the government school. Malay works as a security policewoman at Airport in the evening and she goes to Pouk high school in the morning. Naped (Nada’s sister) is at Battambang teacher training college. He needs 2 more years to be qualified for his teaching career. Sim Sa is a big man now. He wishes to be a manager of his own company he asked me for any used laptop so that he could do more research for his study. I promised I would give one to him when he could pass his high school exam.  Sophen(Sophark’s sister) is still a good student at school. Sophark sends her some money every month for her study. He wishes she could have a better future without following his footstep. Sophark is working very hard in Thailand. He sends most of his wages to his sick father. Rasy is pregnant and she is going to have another baby girl within a few months’ time. Ouksa is still the best student in the classroom. He wants to be a doctor and I am happy to support him. Sophanith is still the cutest she can replace teacher Thanet’s role. She knows how to manage the classroom. She knows how to get her younger friends involved in playing games or doing the school works. Her sister Channa is still in the Teacher Training College. She needs another year to finish it. I am proud of her.  Sothearath has a 3 month baby girl now. Her baby is so cute. I gave her some money for her baby as a gift since I was not expecting that at all. Lai Eng and Savong work at Golf Course. They get paid better. Sothat lost her father 4 months ago. He had brain cancer. She is still a good student.
I bought new uniforms for some students. They love it very much. Also I bought two more bicycles for Sokorng and Somrith.
This has been a successful year for me. I’ve made a lot of money from my business and I now have a black pepper farm that allows me to earn even more money after 2 years’ time. I think further donation is not needed. I can easily run the school without any worries. My deepest thanks go to all my German Friends for all the supports that you have given us both financially and spiritually. I personally thank Anja and Lars for everything. (take a look at the attached photos)
Happy New Year!!!! May God bless you all!!!
Best of luck,
Cha Cha,
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