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Geld für neue Uniformen und Schulmaterial

I hope you are doing well. Now we are in the middle of monsoon season so it rains almost everyday. I decided to buy some more new uniforms for the children so that they can have spare ones for use. The small children were given uniforms; whereas, the teenage students were given money because they needed more study materials than the uniforms. The students and their parents send their best regards to you from the distance.
Nada, Sim Sa, Sophanith, Sothat,Pot, Rothea are going to take final exam of high school next month and will proceed to university shortly after that. I wish them all the best. As for Srey Roth and Srey Nat, they are now entering the semester I of year II. They seem to work hard for their future. I am so proud of them. Sokhom is now a teacher and he’s very smart to take on his job. Ouksa, the smartest boy, still has one more year to finish his high school and will be ready to go to medical school. Somnang also still has another year to graduate from high school. She’s still a shy girl.
I hope everybody is happy and healthy.
Best regards,
Cha Cha,
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