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„Golden Opportunity“ – Studiengebühren für Sim Sa, Sophanith und Pot gespendet

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Hello Anja, Lars and Til,
All the three students have been enrolled already at Buil d Bright University. They are so glad to have such a golden opportunity. They have a lot of things to prepare before entering university. They have been advised by their seniors Naped, Channa and Sarath. Thank God that they are keen on learning to pursue their dream careers. I am very proud of them.
Sim Sa is taking a 3-month house-keeping course at Sala Bai (hotel school)  by day and by night he goes to study at the university. He will get a job immediately after finishing the house keeping course. For now, he needs my support to help him with the rent. He’s a smart boy.
Sophanith is looking for a job. I think she will get it since the peak tourist season has started now. At the moment, she is working with her mother at the construction site so she can have some money to buy books and uniforms. Her mother says hello to you and she wishes you and your family happiness.
Pot is working hard with her parents on the farm. They just started another rice crop last week. Her parents said she is too lazy and too shy. I think she is a fine girl. Her parents want to marry her off, but now they changed their mind after having a long conversation with me. They will let her decide her own future. It’s good for her.
At the same time, I feel very bad for the rest of students who could not pass the exam. However, I encouraged them to try another year and I am happy to help them whenever they need my support.
Sothat, Socheat and Kimheang said hello to you when I visited Sophanith’s family. You can see them in the attached.
Anyway, I have to say thank you so much for giving them such priceless opportunities. They are now writing letters to you and you will get it soon after. However, Anja, would you give me the names of couples who support each student? I hope to hear from you soon.
Cha Cha,